Dymatize Super Protein Amino 6000 Unflavoured, 345 caplets
Product Benefits
  • Helps in Muscle Recovery
  • Generally Consumed With Water
Product Details
  • Dymatize Super Protein Amino 6000 is beneficial in the development of muscles
  • It supplies energy and nutrients to your body
  • It may helps in the speedy recovery of your fatigued and sore muscles
  • Dymatize Super Protein Amino 6000 supplement is free of gelatin, soy protein, and cheap fillers.
  • NOTE: Since ingredients are hygroscopic in nature, they'll tend to lump. However the supplement is completely safe to consume after grind
Additional Information
  • Non-Vegetarian
  • Serving Size - 3 caplets
  • Number of Servings - 115
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